Spanish Old Coins - La Peseta

(the disappeared Spanish coin)

The Peseta has been the currency unit in Spain for 134 years
(from 1868 to 2002).
During this period there were different forms of government:


1ª Republic
2ª Republic
Francisco Franco
Isabel II
A. Zamora
Amadeo I
Pi y Margall
Alfonso XII
Alfonso XIII
Juan Carlos I

In fact, the Peseta comprises a really important part of the modern history in Spain as it has commanded in the Spanish economy during all those years.
Owning Peseta coins means to have a piece of unique part of history in your own hands.
Besides, it guarantees a safe investment as they are all disappeared and original coins so their value will always rise.
All the coins I am offering are original, some of them have been currencies in circulation and others haven´t been used.

Date of the coin

Generally in currencies coined until 1982 two dates can be seen, the biggest one refers to the year the law was promulgated to coin that currency. The smallest one (into the two stars around the main date) the year that the currency was coined can be seen. From 1982 on, the date into the stars disappears and only appears the main date.




Depending on their conservation/condition coins can be classified into::

S/C.- Without circulation. Perfect.

B/C.- Good conservation/condition. Coin that has been in circulation for a short time and so it is in a pretty good condition. Really nice.

N/C.- Common conservation/condition. Coin that has been in circulation for longer time and so it is worn but the letters and numbers on it can be seen perfectly. Nice.

M/C.- Bad conservation/condition.Coin which lacks of main or essential details but it has the value of an ancient coin which has survived in times.



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